If you are living in a nursing home or recently helped your loved one move into an assisted living facility, you could be struggling with different challenges. For example, you might be going through strong emotions such as depression or feel stressed out because of the changes. Moreover, those living in nursing homes may face a number of hardships. Unfortunately, our law firm understands that some residents become injured due to negligence in these facilities and we believe it is paramount for victims to pursue the justice they deserve.

Sometimes, people become injured in nursing homes because of abuse. For example, an employee may intentionally trip or shove someone who is living there, causing them to fall down and break a bone. Or, a person may suffer an injury because of carelessness. For example, employees might fail to address a wet surface after spilling something, causing someone to slip and become hurt. Regardless of the way that a nursing home resident is hurt, these injuries can turn lives into chaos and create physical, emotional, and financial difficulties.

Unfortunately, negligence occurs in far too many nursing homes and leaves residents and their loved ones with deep pain. Abuse and recklessness in these facilities should never be ignored and those responsible for causing patients to suffer must answer for what they have done. By browsing over to our page on medical malpractice, you will have the opportunity to look at more material related to nursing home injuries and other facets of this area of law.