There are a wide variety of hazards in different occupations, some of which often go under the radar. For example, people may think that a white-collar job does not present many physical risks. However, someone could slip on a wet floor and hit their head, sustaining a traumatic brain injury. We know that workers across San Bernardino may also sustain brain injuries in many other ways while working and it is vital for those with a brain injury to explore their options.

On construction sites, there are a variety of ways people could sustain a brain injury. For example, someone might hit their head after falling off a roof or scaffolding. Or, falling debris could result in a head injury, such as tools that were left on a ladder or objects that someone dropped from above. For those whose job duties involve getting behind the wheel, such as truckers and taxi drivers, a motor vehicle accident could result in a brain injury.

Regrettably, it can take quite a bit of time for the full extent of a brain injury to become clear. After taking a blow to the head, an employee may believe that they were unharmed, only to find out later on that they suffered damage. From workers’ compensation benefits to legal action over someone’s negligence, there are different options that may be available for workers whose brain was injured on-the-job.

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