When a fatal accident occurs on a California worksite, our first concern is for the victim and his or her loved ones, as it should be. However, the aftermath of the accident lingers at the worksite. If you have had a coworker who was killed at work, you may understand how damaging that can be to everyone else. Even workers who do not witness the accident are affected.

According to EHS Today, a fatal work accident drags down general employee morale. It creates a negative atmosphere, which can lead to production issues and problems with employee job satisfaction. This is understandable because you just witnessed a coworker dying from doing the same work you do every day. That is a scary idea. You may even constant think about how it could have been you. Your employer should allow you time to recover. They should discuss what happened and explained why it happened. Sometimes knowing that it was a one time error or something preventable can put your mind at ease. 

Experts suggest in this situation you will go through the stages of grief even if you were not close to the employee who died. Your employer should provide services to help you through this. They should offer support systems to help you and your co-workers move on from what happened.

If employers do not have a plan in place and do not take action, it could seriously harm the company. It could also seriously harm you and your co-workers. This information is educational only and not legal advice.