With workers’ comp cases, video footage can have an impact on your case in multiple ways. In some instances, this footage can be used to prove what took place in an on-the-job accident, helping an injured worker obtain the benefits that they are in need of. On the other hand, surveillance and even video footage and other evidence (such as pictures posted on social media) can be used to prove that someone did not sustain a workplace injury which should result in workers’ comp benefits. Either way, it’s important to understand how video footage could impact your case if you plan on going to court or are working on a claim.

If there was a security camera or other type of surveillance which captured your workplace accident on tape, this may be helpful if you want to prove your case. However, some people who have claimed to have suffered a work-related injury have had their case rejected due to video recordings which show that they were not hurt at work. Moreover, some people have been recorded outside of the workplace in ways that discredit their claim, such as someone being caught working out in a gym while they claimed that they sustained a back injury that would render them unable to perform certain exercises.

Workers’ compensation is an indispensable resource for many people who sustain an injury at their place of work. The workers’ compensation portion of our law firm’s website offer more details on various aspects of the workplace injury recovery process.