Employees sustain injuries for many reasons while working, whether they slip and fall or are injured due to malfunctioning equipment. However, traffic can be especially dangerous for some workers, even if they are not required to drive a vehicle as part of their job duties. Pedestrian accidents can occur in many different fields and leave employees with severe injuries, or even claim their lives. If you have been hurt in a pedestrian accident that took place while you were working, you should know your legal options as you try to recover.

Sometimes, people are asked to work alongside the road, such as those who hold a sign to advertise a business. Others may need to cross a busy street in order to run an errand for their employer, which can also be dangerous. Unfortunately, workers who have to take on these responsibilities may run the risk of being struck by a reckless driver, such as someone who is drunk or exhibiting any other form of negligent driving.

In some fields, workers may encounter dangerous traffic on a daily basis. For example, those who work on road construction sites every day may be hit by a careless driver while holding a sign, or they may even sustain an injury after being hit by a truck that is driven by a fellow worker. The details of each pedestrian accident vary, but the injuries and other consequences associated with these incidents can be devastating. Some injured workers are able to secure workers’ comp benefits which help them recover.