Sharing the road with semi-trucks is an unavoidable part of life for residents of California, but when cars and commercial trucks collide, the drivers and passengers in the smaller vehicles are typically those that suffer most. Commercial truck-involved crashes often have devastating consequences, and in many cases, they lead to catastrophic injuries and even death. When the drivers of those semi-trucks are abusing drugs and alcohol before getting behind the wheel, such crashes become even more likely.

According to the American Addiction Centers, today’s truck drivers often face long stints on the road by themselves, which can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation and boredom. In some cases, this leads truck drivers to turn to drugs and alcohol, but truckers who abuse substances present an undeniable threat for the entire motoring public.

Just how common is drug and alcohol abuse among today’s semi-truck drivers? Alcohol abuse, in particular, appears to be especially problematic, with about 90 percent of truck drivers who took part in 36 different surveys admitting to abusing it on the job. Amphetamine abuse, too, is a prominent problem in the trucking industry, with about 82 percent of truck drivers in the studies reporting using amphetamines, such as methamphetamine, while at work. In summary, while commercial trucks pose a threat to all drivers simply because of their substantial size and weight, truck drivers who abuse substances present even more of a public hazard.

This information about the prevalence of trucker drug and alcohol abuse is meant to be educational, but it is not a substitute for legal advice.