When people arrive at work in California each day, they have the right to work in an environment that is free of hazards. Employers should take adequate measures to train employees on how to properly use equipment and machinery to mitigate the risks that are inherent in specific jobs. Additionally, they should strive to create an environment where people are respectful of each other and understand the repercussions for behavior that is not in line with company standards and protocols. 

American Airlines is facing a lawsuit from one of their flight attendants who was involved in a brawl with a co-worker and is alleging that her employer acted negligently in investigating the incident. She also claims that she was required to work in an unsafe environment that ultimately led to her being assaulted by her coworker who is also a flight attendant for American Airlines. 

The victim claims that she sustained injuries from being dragged down the aisle by her neck scarf. She also described how the other flight attendant slammed her arm in the door of a drink cart and dug her fingernails into her arm. Immediately after the incident occurred during the middle of a flight, the woman claims she reported the incident to the captain and other members of the crew who were aboard the flight. Despite her timely reporting of the incident, she claims that American Airlines never investigated the situation any further. Currently, she is seeking nearly $1 million in damages. 

If people have been injured at work and believe that their employer acted negligently in dealing with the situation, they may wish to hire an attorney to help them. Legal professionals have the experience and knowledge to help draw upon the most telling facts and compile them into a compelling article.  

Source: Fox News Network, “American Airlines flight attendants headed to court over midflight brawl,” Janine Puhak, Nov. 11, 2018