Traumatic brain injury sounds like a severe problem, and it is certainly not something one should take lightly. However, many TBI events in California might not get reported. This is because, in a technical sense, these injuries range from mild to severe, and usually only severe cases get the attention all of them might deserve.

Any bump on the head that is strong enough to cause a temporary loss of consciousness or mental function would typically qualify as a traumatic brain injury. Over time and after multiple occurrences, these injuries could lead to severe nervous system issues. Therefore, even incidents that might have been mild enough for people not to report them could end up causing a costly medical condition.

Furthermore, TBIs pose a serious threat of severe injury. According to the CDC, they are at least a contributing factor in well over a quarter of injury deaths. These types of deaths tend to occur more often in older people.

The Mayo Clinic supplies similar information, noting how difficult it is to accurately and quickly diagnose TBIs. The clinic also says that these consequences of these injuries tend to become much worse if quick treatment is unavailable.

The Mayo Clinic also suggests CT scans and MRI tests as diagnostic tools. These imaging tests are notoriously expensive. Unfortunately, victims of injuries caused by the negligence or malicious action of others are often the ones left holding the bill for their own care or that of their loved ones. In a medical system where a preliminary test alone could run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, these bills tend to add up quickly.