In a previous post, we mentioned that some injuries what happened on the job might take some time to manifest symptoms. By the time that you started to notice that something was wrong, it could feel like it was too late to ask for help. If you have this feeling, it could be worth it to ask about options anyway. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we make a point to analyze each California work injury case on an individual basis to determine all of the legal avenues open to our clients.

Many workplace injury accidents are dramatic, such as those caused by negligent operation of equipment, ladder falls or other industrial accidents. These would probably give you immediate symptoms, but that is not always the case.

Additionally, there are subtle factors operating in your workplace that could injure you. Spinal problems, such as neck and back injuries, could take some time to show up as pain. Sometimes, you might have a traumatic incident that leads to pain. Other times, it could be that vibrating equipment, unsafe working conditions or other factors contribute to the gradual degradation of your spinal column.

There are many other examples of occupational diseases you could potentially face as a worker in California. These range from carpal tunnel syndrome to skin conditions. It could be difficult for your physician to correctly diagnose these types of conditions. Doctors often need a great deal of information before they consider the fact that your injury may result from factors at work. To learn more, please read some of the information on our main website.