Many California workers may know they can receive workers’ compensation if they get hurt on the job. However, they may have many questions about these benefits and what they need to do to get them.

Some people may not realize that workers’ compensation benefits can take many forms.  The Department of Industrial Relations says that workers’ compensation may offer temporary disability benefits or medical care. If workers cannot perform their jobs because of a wound, temporary disability payments typically provide a way for people to pay their bill while they recuperate. Medical care benefits mean that the company pays for the treatment a worker needs. This may include tests and the travel costs associated with a treatment plan, as well as the actual treatment. Sometimes a company may also offer permanent disability benefits. This generally happens if a worker may not be able to return to work because a wound may not completely heal.

Workers’ compensation can cover many different kinds of injuries. If someone incurs a wound from performing repetitive motions, for example, or begins to lose hearing because he or she is always around loud noises, this person is generally eligible for workers’ compensation. However, these benefits also cover wounds a worker receives during one incident. This means that if someone falls, he or she can usually receive benefits to help cover the treatment for this injury.

Many people may wonder how they can access their workers’ compensation benefits. According to the State of California, workers usually need to speak to their supervisors. Most of the time, people have up to 30 days to report a wound, and it may sometimes be difficult to access these benefits if people wait longer. Sometimes an injury may be the result of repeated stresses at work. In this situation, it is a good idea for people to talk to their supervisor once they realize their job might have caused the injury.