When people get into their car and start to drive in California, they may think that they can operate their vehicle safely while multitasking. However, when people choose to do anything while they are driving that diverts their attention away from the road, they immediately endanger themselves and those around them.

Distracted driving can come in many forms including visual distractions, mental distractions and physical distractions. If people start gawking at another accident, someone stopped on the roadside or an interesting billboard, they are experiencing a visual distraction. Mental distractions can come if people are experiencing strong emotions or are engaged in a conversation with their passengers. Then there are physical distractions which include texting, eating, applying makeup and looking for directions.

According to Geico, people should be careful about the number of passengers in their vehicle as well as the sound and activity levels. With too much going on, a smaller confined space in a vehicle can turn chaotic and be highly distracting for the driver. This is one important fact that parents should discuss with their teenage drivers. They can also remind them of appropriate behaviors as a passenger so they can help their friends stay safer even when they are not the driver.

AAA Exchange also recommends that people tend to their pets and children before starting to drive. If someone needs something during the drive, the driver should find a safe place to stop before tending to any needs. Another suggestion they make is for people to adjust their vehicle to make it completely comfortable and suitable for their needs. This includes setting climate controls, adjusting headrests and seat positions, and making sure that their mirrors are in an appropriate position to provide optimal visibility all before they begin driving.