When you have been diagnosed in California, that should not be the end of your quest to find out what needs to be done to eliminate or reduce the discomforting symptoms you have been experiencing. By remaining vigilant and staying in contact with your health care provider, you can help to confirm that you have indeed been given an accurate diagnosis. Should you be the victim of a misdiagnosis, following up on the progression of your symptoms can help you to identify a problem before the misdiagnosis causes your health to decline.

Selecting a doctor to provide your health care needs is a critical part of having peace of mind. Once chosen, you should be proactive about developing a good relationship with your doctor. When you communicate with him or her, you should feel as though adequate time is spent listening to your concerns and assessing your symptoms before any diagnosis is made. A good doctor will also respect your opinion and provide alternative solutions when appropriate for your needs.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, one preventative step you can take against misdiagnosis is to get a second opinion. You can even tell your primary health care provider that you asked for another opinion to encourage them to be honest and thorough in their own analysis of your condition. When you are visiting with either doctor, take detailed notes and compare them later on. If you identify discrepancies in the notes, you can address these openly to help your doctor to correctly assess your condition.

When you are able to maintain open lines of communication with your doctor, you may feel more confident about his or her ability to provide you with honest information. You may also feel more comfortable addressing your concerns without fear of judgment.