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Can your birthing position influence your delivery.

Part of the reason why you (and others in San Bernardino) may be hesitant to see a doctor is the stress that comes with relinquishing control to such a practitioner. Yet you may feel as though you have little choice given your doctor's expertise (and your lack thereof). This hesitancy may even extend to childbirth. While the need to rely on the care of a doctor to help ensure that both your and your baby emerge from your delivery without any injuries, you may still feel a sense of helpless that could contribute to increased stress during the entire process. 

Can cerebral palsy be prevented?

As an expectant parent in California, you hope your baby comes out perfectly healthy. While the majority of births result in healthy babies, there are things that can happen either during pregnancy or during labor that lead to illnesses or injuries. Cerebral palsy is one of these diseases and, while most cases are not preventable, there are some cases in which either the mother or the doctor can do things to prevent it.

Proper care for preeclampsia is a must

Expectant parents in California should be able to enjoy the months leading up to a birth without worry and focus on welcoming their new loved one into their family. However, the reality is that there can be health conditions that develop and require vigilance on the part of pregnant women but also their physicians. Preeclampsia is one of these conditions.

What are the risks of VBAC?

If you are a woman in California who has already had one baby delivered via cesarean section, and if you are pregnant again or thinking about having more children, you may want to have a discussion with your doctor about the risks of vaginal birth after cesarean section.

Birth injuries due to negligence or error

Starting a family in California is an exciting time. Choosing the best hospital and doctor for your family history and circumstances is critical, especially if complications arise. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates we have experience taking action against medical professionals whose negligence causes birth injuries.

Risks and hazards associated with forceps deliveries

When you visit a California hospital to give birth to a child, you probably have high hopes for a smooth delivery and a happy, healthy baby who will help complete your family. For some parents, however, the birthing process goes anything but smoothly, and in some situations, physicians have to rely on alternative birthing methods, such as forceps deliveries, to deliver your child. In some cases, forceps deliveries can lead to injuries and related issues for your or your baby, and some of them can prove quite serious. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we have seen the sometimes-traumatic effects of forceps deliveries firsthand, and we have helped many families who experienced hardship due to such deliveries seek recourse.

Erb’s palsy: causes, risk factors and treatment

When you give birth in a California hospital, chances are, your primary goal is having a healthy child. Regrettably, however, this is not always the case, and in some situations, improper delivery techniques and other physician errors lead to medical complications for mother, child or both. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we recognize how upsetting it can be when a doctor’s error causes Erb’s palsy or a similar condition, and we have helped many parents whose children suffered injury during the birthing process pursue appropriate recourse.

Risk of birth injury: "rare but worrisome"

Nine months these California parents have waited to meet their newest family addition face to face - nine months of preparation and expectation and hope. When painful contractions finally signal impending delivery, the parents grab the bag they have stashed for this very moment, and off they race to the hospital. Hopes and dreams are about to come true. 

Painful realities of birth injury

Giving birth can be a scary experience. It is not unusual for both new and experienced California mothers to feel afraid when the day they have been waiting nine months for finally arrives. Every birth is unique and with that in the back of their minds, moms know unexpected complications can come up at anytime. 

What risks are associated with a vacuum extraction?

If you are like many California mothers or mothers-to-be, you may envision the birth of your child and picture a smooth, simple birthing process followed by a quick hospital stay and your first ride home as a complete family. Regrettably, however, many births are not this seamless, and in some cases, mothers giving birth may require additional medical intervention, such as a vacuum extraction. Vacuum extractions may prove necessary if you are having trouble delivering your child through a vaginal birth, but there are inevitable risks associated with this type of birthing procedure.

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