California residents may be interested to know about a forthcoming study which reveals alarming data. According to an obstetrics journal, human error is most often responsible in a certain type of birth injury. Birth asphyxia, which occurs when the baby’s brain does not get enough oxygen during the birth process (either before, during or after), which may result in cell damage and permanent injury to organs. Babies with mild or moderate asphyxia may be able to recover fully, but damage to the brain, lungs, heart and other organs can have lifelong consequences. Additionally, cerebral palsy and developmental disabilities may occur in severe, but survivable, cases.

Inaccurate fetal monitoring, lack of clinical skills and care, failure to refer to senior medical help and drug administration errors were considered to be ‘human error’ in the study. In fact, in 50 percent of the cases, inaccurate fetal monitoring was considered to be the substandard care which led to the asphyxia.

Many parents are unaware of the level of medical care they or their baby might be receiving. Any concerns should be brought up immediately to staff. However, in cases where substandard care is given or birth injuries occur, speaking to an attorney can present legal options to pursue.

The study has revealed interesting, though concerning, information about these birth injuries. The longterm effects for babies who do survive can be serious, with expensive associated medical expenses. If these injuries occurred due to human error, the parents and child are entitled to compensation in order to make up for the mistakes made by staff.

Source: DoctorsLounge, “Human error most often responsible for birth asphyxia” No Author Provided, Dec. 10, 2013