From medical costs to life changes following the birth of a child, expectant parents may face a variety of hurdles. Sadly, some have had to endure the consequences of birth injuries, which can have a tremendous impact on the lives of newborns as well as their parents. On their site, the California Department of Public Health outlines a number of birth injuries that newborns may experience, such as organ or tissue hemorrhaging, peripheral nerve injuries and skeletal fractures. In San Bernardino, and the entire state of California, parents who are struggling with a birth injury should do everything in their power to recover, if possible.

According to information published by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, there are other types of birth injuries that newborns may experience. For example, some children are born with spinal cord injuries, facial paralysis or an intracranial hemorrhage. Newborns may also suffer from perinatal asphyxia or have cerebral palsy as a result of birth trauma. These injuries take place at an alarming rate and can permanently turn families’ lives upside down.

There are a number of ways that parents and medical professionals can try to prevent complications during labor. Unfortunately, some physicians fail to properly care for women when they are giving birth, resulting in an injury that may affect her or her child. Tragically, complications during childbirth can also prove fatal. For those who are dealing with hardships that were brought on by birth injuries caused by a medical professional’s negligence, instantly taking action is critical.