Sadly, childbirth complications can become deadly for mothers as well as babies. In San Bernardino, California, and throughout the United States, there are many factors that play a role in childbirth deaths. It is vital for medical professionals and mothers to do everything in their power to prevent childbirth complications. Unfortunately, medical professional negligence will continue to affect families across the nation.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, some mothers may suffer from certain health issues that increase the likelihood of complications during childbirth. For example, pregnant women who suffer from hypertension may face a greater chance of experiencing preeclampsia, the death of their child or preterm delivery. However, some childbirth complications are the result of physicians failing to perform their job properly.

The CDC reports that every year, more than 600 women in the U.S. pass away due to complications during delivery or pregnancy. When these fatalities take place, they are often extremely difficult for the families of those who have passed. When children lose their lives as a result of trauma during delivery, the loss is often extremely upsetting for parents and their relatives. Sometimes, these unfortunate events could not have been prevented. However, many incidents of death during childbirth could have been avoided.

In some cases, a physician may fail to act quickly, even though it was clear that a baby’s health was in danger. When medical professionals do not provide an acceptable level of care, it is essential for those who have suffered to hold them responsible for their actions.