If you or a family member are expecting a child, or plan to become pregnant, you may have a variety of concerns. For example, you could be stressed out due to financial matters or the need to take time off work. However, in San Bernardino, and every community in California, birth injuries are a serious problem that leave some parents and their children with lifelong challenges. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we know how important it is for expectant parents to identify ways to prevent these injuries and try to avoid complications during childbirth.

When it comes to preventing birth complications, there are a number of things you should keep in mind. First of all, make sure you have qualified, experienced medical professionals on your side. You should also understand the importance of a healthy diet and contact your physician if something seems unusual or you become sick. Additionally, you should track the fetus’ movement and immediately address a decrease in movement to potentially avoid serious complications, such as stillbirth. While going into labor and delivering a child, it is vital to closely monitor the fetus’ heart rate as well as the mother’s contractions.

Sadly, a patient can take every step to avoid a birth injury and still experience one firsthand as a result of medical professional negligence. If you are dealing with the consequences of an error during childbirth because of a physician’s error or negligence, it is vital to hold the individual responsible. After all, birth injuries may lead to conditions such as Erb’s palsy, lifelong emotional trauma, troubles brought on by medical bills and other major hardships.

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