During pregnancy, parents hope and dream of giving birth to and raising a healthy, loving child. For some parents, unfortunately, although they have done everything they should have during the pregnancy and labor process, their child sustains serious injuries during the birth process. Conditions like cerebral palsy are sometimes caused by negligence or malpractice on the part of the medical attendants present during pregnancy and birth.

If the birth of your child has been overshadowed by the realization that he or she will have special medical needs due to cerebral palsy, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Cerebral palsy is typically preventable

Cerebral palsy is not a genetic, inherited condition, but an acquired one. It is often associated with disruption of flow of oxygen to the infant during the birthing process, but can also be caused by malformation of the brain during gestation as well. Prolonged periods with diminished oxygen or a complete lack of oxygen can damage the brain and nervous system of an unborn child. All too often, these problems result from completely preventable complications during the labor and delivery process.

While you may simply be relieved that both mother and child survived a difficult labor and birth, your family will face a lot of challenges in the future as a result of these complications.

Cerebral palsy has a lifelong impact on a family

Each person affected by cerebral palsy develops differently, and some cases are more extreme than others. Typically, cerebral palsy is accompanied by difficulty with gross and fine motor skills and their development, poor muscle tone and development, problems with balance, and problems with speech, among others.

Cerebral palsy requires a medical diagnosis, and an experienced medical malpractice attorney can help connect your family with a doctor who will give an unbiased medical opinion as to the nature and cause of your child’s cerebral palsy (which could be hard to get from the family doctor, if they attended the birth).

Cerebral palsy can be incredibly expensive

From crutches and wheelchairs to help offset the motor issues experienced by your child to ongoing physical, occupational, and speech therapy and even surgeries, there will be medical bills piling up for the rest of your child’s life. Additionally, one of the adults in your family may need to leave work to provide ongoing care for your child. This loss of income and financial stability can be very damaging to a new family.

With the right representation, your family could be awarded financial compensation by the courts to offset the ongoing expenses involved with the daily care and medical needs of a child who developed cerebral palsy as a result of birth complications.