Medical malpractice occurs in many ways, but some cases are especially upsetting. For example, a medical professional’s negligence can be particularly devastating for a mother and child who suffer due to a birth injury, as well as their loved ones. If you have been through a birth injury, our California law firm understands how painful your experiences may be from a physical, financial, and emotional point of view. Sadly, the emotional pain associated with these incidents can take years to overcome and may be permanent, in some cases.

Birth injuries can cause a host of devastating problems, from Erb’s palsy bone fractures to a newborn sustaining brain damage and the loss of life. These terrible challenges can permanently disrupt a mother’s life and create emotional pain for the entire family. Moreover, some birth injuries cause long-term problems that have to be handled on a daily basis, such as taking care of a child who suffers from a condition that never should have developed and only exists because of a physician’s negligent behavior.

Although birth injuries can lead to an overwhelming amount of emotional pain and other hardships, victims and those they love should remain steadfast and do what they can to pursue any benefits that may help. Furthermore, medical professionals who fail to fulfill their responsibilities should not be able to get away with causing such pain.

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