After months of pregnancy, a birth injury is one of the most disorienting things that could possibly happen to you. Unfortunately, it is not unthinkable for the lack of knowledge or focus on the part of a medical professional in California to lead to serious injuries for your child. Even if you were unable to choose your birth doctor, you deserve someone who is appropriately trained. At Kampf, Schiavone & Associates, we believe that everyone should have access to competent medical care.

Previously, we discussed some of the most common types of birth injuries that could qualify as medical malpractice under certain circumstances and how you might go about pursuing a relevant case. This article we will examine the grounds on which you might seek compensation in the unfortunate event your infant was the victim of an irresponsible doctor or hospital administration.

An important point in terms of birth injuries is that you would probably not be able to seek compensation for lost income, although you might do so for other types of medical malpractice involving an adult patient. We usually advise our clients to focus on seeking redress for other damages, including:

  • Medical costs incurred
  • Distress and emotional suffering
  • Physical injury and pain

As you may have read, the state of California puts limits on the maximum awards courts assign to successful malpractice plaintiffs. However, the complicated issues involving birth injuries might cause damages to deviate from the average award of a medical malpractice claim in the state. For more information, please navigate to our main site.