Part of the reason why you (and others in San Bernardino) may be hesitant to see a doctor is the stress that comes with relinquishing control to such a practitioner. Yet you may feel as though you have little choice given your doctor’s expertise (and your lack thereof). This hesitancy may even extend to childbirth. While the need to rely on the care of a doctor to help ensure that both your and your baby emerge from your delivery without any injuries, you may still feel a sense of helpless that could contribute to increased stress during the entire process. 

Your perceived lack of control during delivery may extend to the birthing position your doctor wants you to be in. The standard position is the recumbent posture, in which you lie on your back with your bed elevated to a 45-degree angle. According to information shared by the National Institutes of Health, however, there are a number of alternative positions that you can be in during labor, including: 

  • Upright: Standing by yourself, or supported by your spouse (or partner)
  • Squatting: Sitting in crouched position during contractions
  • Sitting: Sitting upright on a bed, chair or ball
  • Kneeling: Kneeling on all fours and supporting your weight with your arms

The study data reviewed by the NIH shows that women offered a choice of birthing positions did indeed prove to have a higher rate of successful outcomes to their deliveries. While there may indeed by physiological reasons for these results (such as being upright contributing to less lower-body pain during delivery), researchers believe that it is ultimately the perception that delivering mothers are in control of their own care that contributes to better outcomes. Thus, your opinion of how you wish to deliver you baby should be heard and respected by your doctor.