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Cerebral palsy doesn't have to limit your child's potential

Discovering that your child has a lifelong disability is often one of the most difficult things for a parent to experience. You probably did everything you could to ensure your child was developing properly during your pregnancy. Now, months after the birth, your child is showing symptoms of cerebral palsy, which could be the result of a birth injury.

Are you familiar with these causes of warehouse injuries?

As a warehouse worker, there's a good chance that you enjoy the fast paced environment in which you work. Along with this, you know that each and every day is unique.

With all this in mind, there is something else to consider: The warehouse industry can be extremely dangerous at times. For this reason, you always need to be on the lookout for safety hazards.

How can construction workers prevent falls?

On job sites across the country, all sorts of hazards can claim lives and leave workers with permanent challenges. A few examples include malfunctioning equipment, exposure to harmful chemicals and falling objects. That said, many workers and their families have gone through incredible suffering as a result of falls, which have left many workers hurt or dead. If you work in the construction industry, you should try to identify any risks that may cause a worker to fall and address or report them at once.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s site, there are many ways that construction workers fall on the job. For example, someone may fall through an opening that is not adequately guarded or covered. Or, workers may fall through an opening in the wall or slide off of a roof that is steep. Other hazards include falling off of a ladder or scaffolding or falling down on a slippery surface. Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers from harm and those who fail to take care of workers should be held answerable for any injuries or fatalities that were avoidable.

Medical malpractice and handling your emotions

From surgical mistakes to a doctor’s failure to diagnose a condition, medical malpractice takes a plethora of forms. In San Bernardino, and in other California communities, it is essential for victims of medical mistakes to do everything in their power to remain strong and recover as much as possible. If you are suffering because of medical malpractice, you may have strong emotions, such as anger or even depression.

If you are suffering because of an error that never should have occurred, it can be very frustrating. By managing your emotions well, you may be able to put yourself in a better position. For example, if you decide to take legal action, you may have the ability to carefully prepare and present yourself better in the courtroom. Moreover, this can be true if you are trying to stand up for one of your loved ones who suffered because of mistakes made by a medical professional.

Young workers and jobsite accidents

For younger workers, there are a vast number of dangers in the workplace that may result in an injury or fatality. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration addressed some of the workplace dangers that younger employees may encounter while performing job duties in a variety of fields. For example, someone working in a San Bernardino restaurant may slip on the floor or suffer an injury due to kitchen equipment. That said, traffic accidents involving young workers claim an upsetting number of lives every year.

Other problem areas include suffering from electrical shock, lifting heavy objects and using dangerous chemicals. In the construction industry, falling is a major concern and workers across various occupations should watch out for injuries associated with repetitive motions. Those who are younger may suffer an injury because they are stressed out, pushed to work quicker, left unsupervised or untrained.

There are many types of back injuries

It goes without saying that you never want to suffer any type of injury. Even so, you never know when something bad could happen.

For example, if you work in an labor intensive industry, it's important to realize that you could suffer an injury at some point.

Which hazards cause slip and fall injuries?

There are all sorts of hazards that hard-working people face on a regular basis, from electrical shock to motor vehicle accidents and injuries related to repetitive stress. However, slipping and falling down accounts for a great deal of the on-the-job injuries that occur on job sites in San Bernardino, and in many other parts of California. Regardless of the field you work in, it is essential to pinpoint any workplace dangers that could increase the chances of a mishap. When it comes to slipping and falling, there are many hazards you should keep an eye out for.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention draws attention to many of the risks that are present in different types of workplaces. For example, people should watch out for cords that are scattered across the floor, inadequate lighting and ice or other weather-related dangers. Workers should wear shoes that have good traction, are not worn out and are slip-resistant. Other dangers that you may come across in the workplace include surfaces that are slippery due to spills or leaking pipes, uneven walkways and walkways which have an abrupt elevation changes.

California construction accident injures 2

From on-the-job traffic collisions to falling objects, this blog has addressed all sorts of dangers that are present in the workplace. For construction workers in San Bernardino, and in every California city, falling is often a major concern and can result in severe injuries or the loss of life. While workers should focus on prevention and job site safety, some of these accidents leave workers hurt because of someone else's negligent behavior.

A statement that was released by a California construction company said that two workers were hurt after falling roughly 30 feet. The workers, who had safety equipment on at the time of the accident, were taken to a medical facility for injuries sustained in the incident. It appears that the accident was caused by beams becoming dislodged, causing the workers to fall.

The consequences of a medical professional’s failure to diagnose

Various forms of medical malpractice have been examined on this blog, including surgical mistakes, medication errors and misdiagnosis. However, failure to diagnose is another serious problem that you or someone close to you may encounter. If you are struggling with the repercussions associated with a medical professional’s failure to diagnose your condition, you need to assess your options instantly. The San Bernardino lawyers of Kampf, Schiavone & Associates know the multitude of troubles that victims of this major problem often face in California and across the whole country.

A physician’s failure to diagnose an illness or health condition can affect patients from all backgrounds and in a variety of situations. For example, a doctor may not diagnose a pregnant woman’s preeclampsia, which can lead to the death the mother or her child, among other problems. Or, a medical professional may fail to diagnose a brain injury, cancer, or a number of other conditions.

5 things nurses must remember about on-the-job injuries

Nursing is a rewarding occupation, but it is also a very demanding job. Nurses must be careful when they work because they can face significant injuries if they move incorrectly or don’t use proper techniques. When a nurse suffers an injury, he or she might have to take off work while the injury heals. This can place a financial burden on the nurse and the family members who count on him or her for support.

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